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Mentoring | One on One Coaching with Scott Robert Lim

It's time to take your photography and business to the next level.

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Mentoring | One on One Coaching with Scott Robert Lim
Mentoring | One on One Coaching with Scott Robert Lim

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Time is TBD

Scheduled Zoom Meetings or Calls


About the event

Are you stuck and feel you are not at the level you want to be? Do you lack confidence? Would you like to enhance and greatly improve your business? Would you like expert-level coaching and evaluation of your work?

Scott has mentored hundreds of photographers around the world and has helped them grow their photography and business to heights they wouldn't have even imagined. One-on-one mentoring is a proven approach to get the help and advice needed to get you over the hump.

This is a program tailored according to your schedule and what you want to learn. You can book a block of time and use it however you want, from lighting, posing, composition, post-processing, and business. You determine when and how long you want to meet. You can even schedule a live shoot with me for one on one hands-on learning. Typically our first meeting will determine where you are and where you want to go and accomplish. Then we will come up with a plan on how to get there.

Mentoring from a world-class expert is one of the most effective ways to learn.


  • One on One Expert Coaching- Online or in Person*
  • Customized Learning Program
  • Workshop Discounts
  • SRL Actions and Presets
  • Posing Guide
  • Complete Set of Training Videos
  • My Book "The Six-Figure Artist"
  • First meeting FREE

Please text me if you have any questions about this program 626 487-4166 or


What students are saying...

"They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Over 11 years ago, when I was green and still finding my way through photography, I heard Scott speak at a camera club.  He inspired me greatly to pursue my passion. There are teachers who cross our path who are legendary. They make you see the good in yourself and all that is possible. Scott Robert Lim is one of these legendary teachers. He helped shape who I am today as well as my career as a professional photographer. 

He’s been my mentor since and I’ve attended countless workshops both locally and across the world in Spain, Miami, Mexico, Cuba, and Italy. He’s always evolving and has something new to teach. Thank you Scott for your mentorship and friendship. Keep shining!"

Sonia T. | Los Angeles, CA 


"After seeing Scott speak at Pixel Photo Fest, I felt as though I learned more in 30 minutes of listening to him than I had from any other speaker. When he mentioned that he had a mentoring program, I knew it was going to have to be something I looked into in order to take my photography business full time.

I had no interest in becoming a wedding photographer, but as Scott mentioned in an early mentoring session we had, “Portraits make hundreds. Weddings make thousands”. I quickly learned this was most definitely the case. Within maybe 3 or 4 sessions with Scott, I was able to fully rebrand my business and begin booking wedding clients. After that 4th meeting, things really took off for my business.

Despite having hardly any weddings to show in my portfolio, I managed to establish a successful wedding business and career. His guidance and mentoring helped me take my business from generating $2,500-$3,000 a month, to now have multiple months over the past year that brought in over $12,000. I made the decision to quit my 9-5 job and take my business full time. Since investing in Scott’s mentoring program, it’s paid me huge dividends and turned me into a believer that mentorship is a true key to succeeding in photography as a career."

Justin G. | Cleveland, OH


"When I met Scott a few years ago, I had just quit my job of 10 years to go full-time. I had worked in photography part-time for several years and felt stuck. I didn’t know if I made the right decision. Through Scott’s mentoring, I gained confidence, priceless knowledge, and learned techniques that significantly improved the way I shoot.

Claude N. | Riverside, CA


"Scott is really down to earth and an experienced photography mentor. With his help, I gained a lot of knowledge about photography, lighting, and capturing emotion. In just a few short one-on-one mentoring sessions, I  went from mediocre to winning awards."

Kellie P. | Mid-Michigan


"Being mentored by Scott has been a dream come true! The first time I saw his classes on Creative Live I wanted to meet him. "Crazy Stupid Light" was an awesome course. I had the opportunity to meet with him at one of his workshops and since then I have been attending most of his workshops! My photography has improved so much, clients hire me because my quality stands out. Of course, I always give credit to the man who taught me how to compose awesome images 🙌🏼 thanks for all of your moral support Scott, in the photography business and in life 🙏🏼 

Julian M. | San Diego, CA


"Scott Robert Lim has helped me tremendously in my career as a wedding photographer. He has paved a way to understand how I can build my business from the ground up. He has taught me not only about photography, lighting, and posing but how to sustain a thriving business- a career that has led me to win multiple awards, and get published in several organizations and online magazines. I am thankful to have met Scott Robert Lim."

Adrian O. | NYC, NY


"Being mentored by Scott has accelerated my photography skills.  There is so much to think about: composition, posing, lighting, post-production,  and Scott has walked me through every aspect.  He also recommends gear that makes sense and doesn't break your budget.  It's so easy to be swayed by all the cool stuff and the big brands, and Scott is great at unnecessarily talking me down from unneccesary equipment and spending unnecessary dollars.  Best of all, through the many workshops, I've attended, Scott has become a very dear friend.  I am so grateful that I did this!"

Joanne C. | London, UK


"I had the privilege to join Scott Robert Lim’s mentoring program. The experience was life-changing. Scott’s knowledge,  teaching style, and friendly demeanor made the class enjoyable throughout the year. I would highly recommend Scott’s mentor program to novice and advanced photographers."

Debbie S. | Yucaipa, CA


"After 20 years of photographing everything under the sun, Dan & I were in a rut. We reached out to Scott to lift that veil. (aka the proverbial veil was a stagnant way in which we created memories )  We started with Scott long ago on Creative Live …. At that time …. We fell in love with his personality first. Such a wonderful presence there. Then skip ahead 10 Yrs … we started back after seeing an ad of Scott’s …. I said That’s the guy way back from Creative Live.  We immediately purchased the 43 hrs of videos. I would have paid $3,000.00 for that knowledge. I still cannot believe that!

There are countless pieces of information that have helped us which would take forever discussing, but the most shocking was the way he sees lighting a subject. When Scott teaches, he has a way with words that connect with the student.  His thought process is elevating or better yet,  we have always been so concentrated on getting the PERFECT EXPOSURE which made our light flat/uninteresting. Just last night, I was photographing a Senior portrait session and thinking …. What would Scott do?

Sculpting with light just mystifies us … more Me ( Kimberly) …. Which brings me to how Scott then would direct the shot. So many details involved … it’s not just taken out of the camera, point the light at the subject, and shoot.

Anyone can do that. Scott explains that in all of the movies that you have seen, have you ever paid attention to the lighting on the movie set? For literally 20 years  …. I had been saying …. I want to create memories that look like there is a glass-top table over their images. I didn’t know exactly what to call it, but Scott explains this in-depth. He teaches “ Cinematography “

That’s movie set lighting !!!! That’s the glass top table look. Mind you this is one of the most shocking A-HA moments during our mentoring sessions.  The next moment where I went … OMGOSH … was when he poses a subject. Especially a woman, he uses the example of sculptures throughout time … He says …. That’s art …. We are artists …. It blows my mind …. There are SOOOOO MANY MORE !!! I find myself posing couples creatively like long ago …. It’s more sensual.

I am the Adobe Master of our studio for 20 Yrs, and I cannot believe the tips and tricks Scott had taught me  …. We will be of course needing more sessions, but these two pieces stick out profoundly!"

Kimberly and Dan P. | Orlando, FL


"I reached out to Scott after attending a class he was teaching at a local camera shop. I knew his expertise would help me develop my photography skills. One-on-one mentoring with Scott has greatly improved the way I approach photography, and his guidance quickly turned my hobby into a booming business.”

Neil O. | Chicago, IL


"One-on-one mentoring with Scott has been an amazing journey! Scott is such a positive and supportive teacher. This unique experience has boosted my confidence and photography skills. You learn through hands-on sessions and classes. Posing, lighting, and post-editing techniques. Scott's mentoring is an outstanding opportunity!"

Michelle M | Austin, TX


" I got to understand the true meaning of mentorship…Mentoring saves you hundreds of $$$$ that one would spend in school. Learning with full one on one attention in a real setting or practical experience, makes your learning curve move up quicker. Lastly, Mentoring saves you from making a lot of mistakes during your journey to become the best, since you will always be working with the master. I have traveled the world with Scott, including China, Paris, Italy, New York and have learned much from his expert coaching."

Roy R | Uganda, Africa. 


"Before I met Scott Robert Lim I had been searching for a way to learn portrait photography and to be honest it was really confusing. I got a sample of the way he teaches at a photography event and really liked the way he taught the basics around lighting and posing. I signed up for his mentoring program, learned exactly what I needed, and today I have the confidence to do photography as a professional. Thank you, Scott!"

Jon T. Honolulu, HI


  • 5 hours +1 hour FREE

    6 total hours. One on One coaching with Scott Robert Lim. Also includes thousands of dollars of training videos to use as your "textbook", discounts on workshops, all my Adobe actions and presets, a free copy of soon to be released book, "The Six Figure Artist", and much more.

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  • 10 hours + 2 FREE

    12 hours total coaching time. One on One coaching with Scott Robert Lim. Also includes thousands of dollars of training videos to use as your "textbook", discounts on workshops, all my Adobe actions and presets, a free copy of soon to be released book, "The Six Figure Artist", and much more.

    +$62.50 service fee
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