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Data Mine Marketing

Tip #4 of 99 Wedding Photography Tips

How To Make a Lasting Impression

The art of social data mining.

When we meet someone influential it can be a natural reaction to put our best foot forward by abruptly blasting out our accomplishments and force our mobile device 2 inches in front of their face. Quite honestly, this can be VERY annoying.

I get people wanting to show me their work on a regular basis. 99.9% of the time the images are mediocre and proceed to tell me they took a photography class in school. I can’t tell you the numerous times I get stuck talking with people that constantly promote themselves. I don’t know if it is a nervous habit but it is a huge turn-off.

But what WILL get my attention, if someone offers me something that will help my business- a place or access to hold a workshop with a beautiful venue, introduce me to a person who needs wedding photography or someone who would want to model for me, or an organization that might want me to speak to them, etc.

Networking is about offering your services, not shameless self-promotion… When you meet someone important, “data mine”. Gather as much information as you can, ask questions, and find a way how you can HELP them. This technique gets you places, especially if you have world-class skills.

The goal is to get a person to ask YOU for your business card and not the other way around. Impress them so much, they want YOUR contact information. Then you know you have made an impression on them and have a real shot at creating a connection.

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