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Backlight Creates Mood and Romance

#2 of 99 Wedding Tips for Photographers by Scott Robert Lim

If you can't find backlight, create it.

Great lighting creates mood and it enhances any portrait. I'm a light fanatic. It can be quite a challenge during the hectic pace of a wedding day but it will certainly set your photography apart from the rest. I love using backlight- strong light coming behind the subject(s). For some reason this type of lighting is perfect for weddings. It generates a romantic and heavenly mood. A profile angle with backlight is a winning combination and can be found quite easily. Also backlight + veil is another winning shot. I just love the way it glows when lit by light from behind.

When you can't find backlight, I create my own- either with flash or a very strong video light. I make sure I use this during the first dance where you really want to accentuate the romantic feeling.

When you first start learning to create your own light, it can be very frustrating. It's like progressing three steps forward and then two steps back. Becoming a master of light and to be able to set up your light in a few minutes is hard, literally takes years to master. But when the photographer can put the hard work into it, there's a huge payoff, they will soon be head and shoulders above the competition.


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