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Be a Director and Create Visual Stories

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

#1 of 99 Wedding Tips for Photographers by Scott Robert Lim

Be a creative director and storyteller

You will encounter many different wedding clients- some may be expressive and demonstrative with their emotions and others may be more reserve and subdued with their feelings. Learning to create visual stories will help you create a consistent level of high quality images for any client no matter what their personality.

The more stories we create, the more unique our photography. The more unique, the more business we attract. Be a visual director. Your are going to be proactive during a wedding day and set shots like the photo above- these kind of moments only happen if the are created by the photographer.

This is something that I consciously focus on throughout the day. I like to create a mixture of well crafted portraits and candid stories that are captured and preserved for the ages.

The best wedding photographers in the world are great at making us feel- whether it’s beauty, love, happiness, or maybe they just make us reminisce about a few precious and beautiful moments in our life. Their photos seem to look better than reality- that’s a WOW moment. There are tons of wow moments that are unnoticed during a wedding day because they happen so fast, literally in a blink of an eye. It takes a special photographer to capture them or create them so we can admire these images for a lifetime and beyond.


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